Breaking up with my phone

Looking for a new phone, unfortunately, is like looking for a friend.
You think it will be with you for years, it will be your constant companion, it needs to do the things you like to do, it keeps you preoccupied when you’re bored, it needs to be entertaining. What more could you want in a friend?

So when I entered into what I thought was a long term friendship with my iPhone 3 I thought this was it. It was going to be fantastic. Sadly, within a year, the friendship was dwindling
I couldn’t understand why “she” couldn’t stay on long enough to get through the night. She got slow and unresponsive and I decided it was time to think about maybe moving on.

Knowing I was moving on was hard. I felt bad, checking out other phones, but what could I do? She was becoming obsolete.

Finding my iPhone a complete waste of time, I spent a large amount of time looking for a new, slinkier model. It came down to a toss up. The N9 or Galaxy II.

Knowing I still had a few months before I could upgrade Her, it was all just a pipe dream really. Thoughts of something new and shiny. Then the email came.
You can upgrade now
What fabulous words.

So off I went to the Vodaphone store in hope of finding a new friend, someone that could cut it for 2 years. That would put up with my wear and tear, my constant questions, my music, me really.

After waiting in the store for a good 10 minutes, I was ratty and starting to get annoyed. Finally a sales guy greeted me and we entered into a healthy discussion about which model would suit me best.

Deciding on Galaxy felt the right thing. I like the idea of being able to customize, thus being able to optimize battery length. It feels like a good decision.

Realizing I’ll be saving myself $30 a month also feels good. I’m hoping this friendship will last.

My only qualm is that I’m contractually bound to something that was named after a 90’s stripper.

Apart from that I think Galaxy and I will be very happy.