OutinPerth Pride WA article May 2012

As the WA DSG community grows, so does our commitment to it.

This  year we are lucky enough to have two people working in the Community Liaison role and it’s heading up our agenda for the year coming.

Paul Van Lieshout-Hunt and Rebecca Hills, our 2012/13 Co-Presidents, have taken on the role knowing there’s a lot of work to do and are heading into the year ahead raring and ready to make the role what is should be. This year’s committee decided that the Co-Presidents should take charge of the Community Liaison role, knowing that building positive relationships within the community is a vital part of the management and the on-going success of the organisation. A big focus will be ensuring that they work to make a difference within not only the Perth metro community, but the WA community as a whole.

This year’s events are drawn with a large community focus with the autumn calendar being kicked off with the 2012 Pride Underage Disco at YMCA HQ which was held in late April to celebrate this year’s National Youth Week. Following on from the Youth Party is the 2012 Glammys and Ball which stands as WA’s only DSG community awards. Hosted by two prominent Perth based musicians, Nat Ripepi and Rose Parker, the Glammys gives the all community members a chance to say thank you and celebrate the people who make a difference in their community.

The festival this year will also be community driven with two Festival Directors (Kingsley Norris and Matthew Landers) taking the lead and working with the rest of the committee to take the festival back to its routes and making it the true community celebration that it deserves to be.

This year Pride is truly For Our Community.