OutinPerth Pride WA article July 2012

Depending on how you look at it (and whether you live in financial, business world), we’re either half way through the year, or with it July 1st has bought a brand spanking New Year. I like the idea of having a new year half way through, so that’s what I’m leaning towards this year. And in the spirit of a New Year, we’re throwing you a special party. Snowbreeze.

Snowbreeze is your ultimate party. We’ve incorporated everything you would want in one night. We’ve got performances, we’ve got DJs; we’ve got a Pride party like you’ve never seen before. And we’ve pulled everything together with some great performers and set it up in a fantastic venue.

Gracing the stage straight from Melbourne for a one off performances is the wonderful Swish Eveready, joined on stage by Feminem and Val Nourished. Making sure you’ve got every song you could want to hear is DJ Wasteland, DJ Timbee and DJ P Lilly. We’ve also go Stee Cameron-Juss Andrews dropping in for a show.

For our lucky members, you’ll invited to a VIP party beforehand, starting at 7.30pm where, accompanied by champagne, we’ll be releasing a few sneaky details about this years’ festival, including the theme. Heading down to the pre-show event also guarantees you entry to the VIP area all night which includes access to a private bar.

This year the festival will bring something a little on the special side. We’ve stripped each of our events back and worked out what everything really needs to be to make it the festival the community really needs. Make sure you’re at Snowbreeze before the party starts to get all the insider information.