Public speaking

Speech writing for myself is never as easy as I think it’s going to be. I can roll a letter, a speech, a website off in minutes if it’s coming from someone else, but when it comes to me being the focal point, writers block hits me like a truck.

What I seem to struggle with is the opening. When speaking to a room of people, some of who are my nearest and dearest, some of who are strangers and some are people who fancy themselves as “all that” and all knowing on the scene I struggle with how to start.
Formalities seem over the top for the people I know. But without the formalities, my professionalism may be doubted.

How is the happy medium found, of warmth and familiarity and of professionalism.

Having finalised my notes for the launch of our new festival brand, I am glad that I really know about what I’m talking about tonight. The idea of standing in front of a room full of people and talking to them about something I have no idea about is much more daunting than being unsure of how to thank everyone for coming.

For me knowing my product is key. How and why has it been designed? What it is for? What does it represent? Why is it necessary?

What we’re releasing tonight will be the first of many moves from the community to make people talk. And I guess as long as I get what our message across, I’ll fine. And if I can do that, does it really matter whether I go with Hi or Hello?