Working with a board of community members, creatives and event coordinators, PRIDEFEST 2012 has taken shape like never before. Partnerships with local organisations have been created to allow the events to reach their potential and the local and national performers have joined the festival line up, giveing the event the profile it deserves.

As Festival Director, my role within the festival has allowed me to manage efficiently, while supporting the creatives to facilitate the events. I have successfully secured ample sponsorship from venues, organisations and corporate entities, allowing the operating budget to grow to almost twice the size in previous years.Poster final

PRIDEFEST is WA’s premier LGBTIQ+ arts and culture festival and this year has been successfully rebranded, allowing it to reach new heights, attracting more attention than ever.

PRIDEFEST 2012 a festival about something that is at the centre of our core values: inclusively. It’s aimed at everyone, whether they’re gay, transsexual, heterosexual or however they identify. It will test the boundaries, make people talk and make the community think. PRIDEFEST is a combination of community events, comedy, music, performance and visual entertainment and is aimed as every aspect of the community.

PRIDEFEST 2012 explores the definitions the LGBTIQ+ community has been given. Whether definitions are a good thing that enhance us, or a negative thing that limit us, this is no denying that they are a part of everyday life. And that is what we’re going to explore. How is Pride been defined? How are we defined? What is the definition of comedy, of art, or of a good performance, of a strong conversation? What is the definition of a good party? Is a definition a good thing? Is a definition necessary?

Definitions are often received as being negative and what we want to do is break through those barriers. What PRIDE WA are trying to show is that while some definitions can add value to our lives, we are bigger than the labels and definitions we are given.

Running from October 6 to November 3, PRIDEFEST sees Pride WA present a festival with over 40 events presented by both Pride WA and the community itself.

PRIDEFEST is run by the Pride WA board of management who are volunteers, with the assistance of external contractors and a large amount of other volunteers from the community.