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At 22, Rhys Nicholson has it pretty good. After moving from Newcastle to Sydney a couple of years ago he now has the ‘Time rhysOut Best Newcomer Award’ under his belt and is well known on the comedy scene across Australia.

His career started in 2009 with the RAW Comedy Showcase and has taken him around Australia on five tours since.

His last show ‘Almost A Person’ was an exploration of his problems and was a big hit at the Melbourne Comedy Festival earlier this year. The show explored his adjustment from living in Newcastle and the move to the big smoke of Sydney, awkward sex, and being single. This year he brings his new show to Perth for Pridefest Laughs.

Since his last tour he has dealt with his boyfriend’s bisexuality, he has come to discover it is harder to write a show when you have less misfortune to make fun of. The show is a mix of ‘Almost A Person’ and new material which sits perfectly in line with the theme of this year’s festival; Definitions. “I talk about the definition of marriage [during the show] and lot of what I write and do is about defining myself, although I tend not to want to be defined. I talk about new stuff. About being happy and having a boyfriend.”

Bringing the show to Perth for Pridefest ticks Rhys’ boxes as he loves the city, pointing out its similarity to Newcastle which he loves – “If Newcastle had money and good architecture it would be Perth.”

Rhys opens Pridefest Laughs, Downstairs at the Maj this Wednesday night, doing two shows before Tom Ballard flies in to close on Friday and Saturday night. Rhys is supported by Perth’s Andrea Gibbs and the venue promises to provide an intimate, perfect setting with food and wine options to die for.

Pridefest Laughs Rhys Nicholson supported by Andrea Gibbs
Wednesday 24 October Thursday 25 October

Tom Ballard
Friday 26 October Saturday 27 October

Published on SameSame.com.au on Monday 22nd October