Rooftop Movies PRIDEFEST –

This week, Perth’s Pridefest team, in partnership with Rooftop Movies, presents a film festival like no other.

Working their way through 40 years of cinema, the program explores a variety of themes with a strong sense of the search for definition.

Film festivalThe debut of the festival, Orchids: My Intersex Adventure will fill you will love, happiness, wonder and sadness. The other films run cleverly in line, evoking emotion and drawing you in.

The Rooftop Movies setting is completely unique, set on top of Northbridge’s Roe St Car Park. Sitting amongst caravans, sun loungers
and astroturf, the CBD skyline surrounds
the screen offering you a great view even before the film begins.

Monday 22 Oct ORCHIDS: MY INTERSEX ADVENTURE (2010) Documentary filmmaker Phoebe Hart faces past shame and family secrecy surrounding her intersex condition. Her mother refuses to be in the film, Phoebe pushes on with her quest to connect with other intersex people on camera.
With support from her husband James, she hits the open road…

Tuesday 23 Oct BLACK, WHITE + GRAY (2007) A portrait of Sam Wagstaff and Robert Mapplethorpe. Mapplethorpe’s lover, curator Wagstaff, dragged him from obscurity to 80’s art star celebrity. Mapplethorpe in turn brought the starched shirt conservative, 25 years his senior, to the world of NYC drugs and gay S & M sex.

Wednesday 24 Oct SISTAGIRL (2010) This culturally and visually rich documentary tells the story of award-winning photographer Bindi Cole’s confronting artistic journey to the far north of Australia to document the beautiful, little known, transgender ‘Sistagirl’ community of the remote Tiwi Islands.

Thursday 25 Oct MALA NOCHE (1986) A story of amour fou, it’s Gus Van Sant’s first feature film, also known as ‘Bad Night’. Walt is madly in love/lust with a young illegal Mexican immigrant called Johnny. Based on an autobiographical novel by the Oregon poet Walt Curtis, it was shot on 16mm, at the sites true to the novel in Portland. “I wanna show this Mexican kid that I’m gay for him.”

Friday 26 Oct PINK FLAMINGOES (1972) John Waters, you are crown prince of cult sleaze. Divine lives in a caravan with her 250-pound mother Mama Edie. Connie and Raymond impregnate female hitchhikers and sell the babies to lesbian couples. Let the battle for ‘filthiest people alive’ commence… “Oh my God Almighty! Someone has sent me a bowel movement!”

Published on on Monday 22 October