Lauren Bedford Russel The Real L Word – Out In Perth

Most people will have heard of The L Word. It’s everywhere, and is probably on 90% of the lesbian worlds DVD shelves and if it’s not they’ve probably watched it. Who doesn’t love the idea of watching the oh so un-perfect lives of the beautiful people that by some stroke of luck we can all relate to in some way?

After The L Word had been and gone, we were given The Real L Word, presented  by Showtime, which followed a group of women, totally entangling us in every aspect of their lives. The first two seasons leads us through their Los Angeles tales of love, lust, heartache and everything in between. Season three bought a change with some of the girls we had come to love, and some we had come to not love so much moving to Brooklyn, which in turn sparked the introduction of new cast members.  Lauren Russell was one of those characters. Lauren fitted into the show like a dream with audiences falling in love with her stupidly gorgeous smile, stunning persona and down to earthiness.

Over the past 18 months, Lauren’s profile has grown, giving her jewellery line LYON which she launched in 2011 an even larger face. LYON is a brand that many would strive to be; designed with individuality, edge and identity, each piece holds its own and focuses on black diamonds, black jade and black rhodium plated gold and silver and is made with only “conflict free” gem stones, solely in New York and LA.

What is most interesting about the LYON brand is what it stands for. Lauren is creative and engaging and this is evident in each piece, but she is also a strong advocate for people with disabilities, LGBTIQ+ rights and also has a strong political stance. Recently, Lauren launched a range of charity bracelets with anywhere from 10 – 20% of the proceeds being donated to a certain charity.

The “Equality” bracelet supports Friendfactor, an organisation that supports people who have friends or family who are LGBTIQ+. “Live Beyond Limits” encourages people to recognise the people inspire you and supports Adaptive Action Sports, who work with people with disabilities to participate in sport. The “Forward” bracelet supports the Obama administration and the “Vote” bracelet supports Rock To Vote, an organisation that works to empower young people to vote, using music and pop culture to engage young people with the political system in the States.

The most recent edition to the charity bracelets is the silver “Positivity” bracelet which supports the New York chapters of the National MS Society. Recently Lauren was diagnosed with MS and plans to be involved in as much advocacy in the future as possible. While visiting family her eye sight started deteriorating to the point where she was completely blind in one eye. Upon further diagnoses, she was informed that she also had lesions on her spine and was put straight onto medication which has been effective to the point where her eye sight is completely rectified.

While her advocacy and philanthropic work will continue, her work with The Real L Word will not as they are not continuing the show in the same format. The show will start to focus on smaller towns and will follow more of a documentary format. Although the show will not continuing, her profile is still growing with six appearances with Kiyomi McCloskey across Australia and New Zealand (including Perth) booked for February and March 2013.

Lauren and Kiyomi will be at The Aviary in Perth on March 4.
For more information on Lauren Bedford Russell, her appearannces or her jewellery, head to her Facebook page

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