SlutWalk Perth Photo shoot days and CD Compilation – Media Release

SlutWalk Perth: raising awareness and connecting the community

sltwlk perthSexual assault remains the most under-reported of crimes due to the fact that the victim is often blamed and shamed. 1 in 3 women or girls you know have been sexually assaulted; often by someone they know and often within their own homes. 1 in 6 men and boys and 1 in 2 trans* are at risk of sexual assault and most do not report for fear of being shamed and blamed.
In 2011 there were 1,547 reported victims of sexual assault in Western Australia alone.

SlutWalk Perth is focused on raising awareness of the continued blaming of those who are sexually assaulted.

Their two upcoming events are working to engage the community in a different way. Monique Stout, a local artist and a volunteer with SlutWalk Perth, is putting together a compilation CD and gig to raise awareness and funds for the organisation. The CD will feature a range of artists, all who will give their submission for free and will be available for purchase at the gig. Accompanying the CD is an insert containing photos of people expressing their feelings towards the issue.

The photographic project will see groups of people on two different occasions over the next few weeks meet in Perth city and have a series of photos taken as individuals and groups, which will then be used in the inset.  Each person is asked to wear whatever they want, bringing whatever props they want, as long as there is a supportive slogan written somewhere to do with the topic; for example “I’m not asking for it”.

SlutWalk Perth explains that that it is a “protest shoot with the intention to empower participants and show others how many different people support the cause.

Beth Castieau, founder of SlutWalk Perth says “Monique Stout is providing her time and energy to SlutWalk Perth by taking photos and coordinating a gig and compilation CD to raise awareness of the cause as well as much needed funds for other projects. The idea behind this photo shoot is to provide a forum for local Perth people to express their support for SlutWalk in an artistic and powerful way. The photos will then be available along with the CD at the gig. People often feel disconnected by social activism activities except during an annual march or rally and this will hopefully provide further connection and empowerment amongst our supporters. We are fighting against rape culture; victim blaming and slut shaming. So many voices are silenced and these protest photos provide a voice.

Submissions for the CD can be made before March 1st. Please contact for more information.

Meeting at Perth Underground Train Station the photo shoots will be held on Wednesday 20th February at 1pm and Tuesday 5th March at 1pm. Please register your attendance by visiting the event page on Facebook.

For more information on the events please visit the Facebook events pages:

Photo shoot event page!/events/490628754305664/

CD compilation event page


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