Do you believe in love at first whiff?

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Everyone knows that the dating scene is hard. Who has got to the point where they feel like the only single in the village?

As I get older more of my friends settle down, my work colleagues are having babies and me and only a couple of my amazing friends are left as single.

So how do fabulous, gorgeous, intelligent, socially aware and comfortable people meet their perfect match?

We could online date, we could go to cocktail bar after cocktail bar, we could agree to be set up by our oh-so-in-love friends. Or we could try something different.

Now I am attracted to how people smell. Anyone wearing paco rabanne black xs has me practically falling at their feet. But would I go as far as smelling a white t-shirt someone had slept in for three days to try and find my For-Tonight-Hopefully-For-Tomorrow?

Apparently we should be following our noses.

Pheromone parties are springing up all over, and there seems to be quite a whiff of interest in Australia.

Here’s how they work:

The people attending the party sleep in a plain white shirt for three nights in a row which is then put in a bag (pink for girls and blue for boys) with a number on which only you know.

The bags are placed on a table. Guests smell the bags throughout the night and if they are attracted to a smell of a bag they take a picture of the bag with a camera which projects an image onto the wall of the party.

If you see a guest holding your number and you think they’re attractive, it’s a big, fat, green light! The host of the party will even create a Facebook photo album with the photos so that you can make sure you didn’t miss anyone who thought you smelt yummy.

Even though there’s talk around town about these parties, I haven’t been able to locate a local one to see what they’re like. The cynic in me thinks it would be full of complete desperados (give me a couple of months and I totally might fit) but when I think about it, it might actually attract some interesting people. People who like innovation and trying new things and who understand that washing is important.

Having never attended any type of dating/singles party, this is totally unknown territory for me. But I like the idea of following an attraction that is based on more than champagne goggles.

Would you attend a pheromone dating party? Do you think they’ll fit well in the Australian dating scene? Let me know… and I’ll smell you later.