Rainbows look better in the daylight. Pride WA release 2013 PRIDEFEST theme

This article was published by SameSame.com.au and can be viewed on their website via this link.

Pride WA has released the theme for this year’s PRIDEFESTRainbow Nation.

This November, PRIDEFEST, Pride WA’s three week festival, will include arts, culture and community events followed by the redesigned Celebration party held at Perth’s Russell Square, the traditional home of Fairday.

“Rainbow Nation will see the Pride Community unite in an explosion of arts, culture and community,” says Pride WA’s co-president Michelle Rigg. “It’s designed to highlight the strength we achieve through diversity.”

Speaking about moving the Parade from the evening to the afternoon for this year, Co-PresidentDaniel Smith explains: “LGBTI Western Australian live our lives in broad daylight, contributing greatly to every part of life in WA. This year, our events reflect this.

“Our Parade will return to being staged during the daytime. Rainbows looking better in the daylight.”

The Parade will follow the usual route down William and James Street at 1pm on Saturday November 2 and the Celebration event will commence at Russell Square from 1.30pm, running through until 9pm.

The format of PRIDEFEST has been changed with Fairday being held as a standalone event in February 2014 in Hyde Park.

In addition to releasing the theme, Pride WA have released a snazzy new website. For more information on the festival and Pride WA visit it here.