What are you really sharing your bed with?

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I like to be clean. It’s the nicest feeling.

I like to be clean when I go to work, to the pub, on a date, to the shops, and even when I go to bed. ESPECIALLY when I go to bed.

Now, unless I’m absolutely freaking can’t-move-must-crash exhausted, I am big on the whole two showers a day thing. I have to wash my face and brush my teeth twice a day.
And isn’t getting into bed after a shower the best feeling?

No. No it’s not.

I think getting into a clean bed when you’re clean is the best feeling.

But a new study has shown that many single people do not change their sheets very often at all.

According to the Daily Mail, a survey in the UK has revealed “the average single man changes his bed sheets just four times a year.”

Almost 50% of those people thought it was an ‘acceptable gap’ and a fifth of them just didn’t care.

Thankfully, some people seem to have an issue, with 17% of single men saying that a potential special ‘someone’ had been put off by the state of their sheets (well duh!), compared to only 2% of women.

It’s not just about the appearance of your bed, or the feeling of cleanliness. We all shed thousands of skin cells every night which can attract dust mites, setting off allergies and even attracting bed bugs that feed off you while you sleep.

I asked my single friends for their views – “how often do you change your sheets?”

“Once a week,” was the most common reply. “And this should be compulsory, single or not,” one friend advised. “As far as I’m concerned I am not changing sheets for anyone else but me.”

“There’s nothing better than having a shower and crawling into a bed with fresh sheets,” agreed another.

“I change them more frequently than once a week if I think there is a possibility of sex,” one mate of mine laughed. “Invariably that jinxes me and I go home alone – but with dirty sheets and messy room, things just happen.”