World Beard Day

This year on September 7th Australia, and the world, came together to celebrate something brilliant. Something that crosses generations, social classes, social trends and is loved and adored by many.

The Beard.

Unfortunately not many know of World Beard Day but while I was up in Derby in the West Kimberley my friend and I went on a hunt. A hunt for beards. And in the space of 7 hours, this is what we found.

Beard #1.
My dear friend and Courtney’s darling husband, Harmer.

Beard #2.
A lovely Irish boy working at a pub in Derby.


Beard #3.
One of the many charming locals. Who was lovely enough to introduce us to our next WBD star.

Beard #4.
Introduced by the guy above, this dashing fellow was probably the most nervous of becoming a WBD star of all.


Beard #5.
Pav. Nothing more to be said. Extra points for a ginger beard.

Beard #6.
Adam, a lovely local, swimming pool manager and up until mid way through WBD, the proud sporter of a magnificant beard. As he only removed part of it, we decided it still counted.

Beard #7.
Cutie with a beard. What more could two girls want?

Beard #8. And #9.
The final beards of the day. And what showmanship to end with.

Make sure that next year you fully support World Beard Day, in fact every day should be a day of celebration and support for those who go the extra mile to grow facial hair, through itching, through stubble and through working out how not to get food in it.

To the hipster boys who make fellow hipsters swoon, to the tradies, to the men in offices, the stay at home men, the grandad’s and the guys who have managed to grow their first; Happy World Beard Day!

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