The adventures of Tinder

Tinder. The app that lets you play hot or not while at your desk, on the bus, while sitting at a family dinner or even while in the bath. What more could you want?

Now I’m assuming that everyone knows what Tinder is.

I first heard of Tinder because I love social media and then I saw the best fake film trailer ever.

So after seeing how hilarious that was I thought I’d see what the fuss is about.

It’s like Grindr for the straightees. And ask I like guys and girls I figure it might fit me. [By the way you do have the opportunity to be matched with someone of the same sex] You download the free app, log in using your Facebook account and up come people within a certain mile radius to you that fit the filters you set; age bracket, sex and distance from you.

From there you swipe left for NO and right for Come At Me Baby! If I swipe right on someone and they swipe right on me, we are matched. That means we have the ability to instant message each other through the app.

Now there are a couple of things that the app tells you about each person. They tell you how many mutual friends you have, how many shared likes you have and how many photos they have available for you to look at.



This gives you a little bit more insight into whether you’d be compatible and takes away from the hot or not aspect.

Personally, I use the mutual friends’ part as a buffer.

If they’re friends with certain people I’m friends with, one strike and their out. If we have 150 mutual friends, it’s way too close for comfort. Truthfully I’m more interested in the shared interests than mutual friends.

So once you’ve been matched you can then sit and instant message. This is the part that gets interesting.

If someone is Tindering at 11pm on a Saturday they’re looking for sex.
If someone is Tindering at 8pm on a Tuesday they’re looking for love.

So I have been Tindering at all times of the day (‘cause I’m not really sure what I’m looking for) and I have been having a couple of interesting conversations with four people.

Guy Number 1 managed to get my number. Guy number 2 scored a date and we’ll see with the other two.

But there are questions that raise their heads.

  1. I’m 24. Am I loony for using a dating app?
  2. Am I even more of a loony for agreeing to meet up with one of these people?
  3. What happens if they’re a psycho?
  4. Is there any more risk than having a date with/going home with someone you met as you were stumbling around a seedy nightclub?
  5. Should I just blog about the whole experience?

After some thought I have come to the following conclusions.

  1. Yes.
  2. Maybe
  3. I get in my car and leave. But be polite. I don’t want an angry psycho.
  4. No! I’m sober when making this decision.
  5. Definitely!

And now I enter into the dating world that is Tinder. I listed to a really good report on Hack on Triple J about it and it got me thinking about how these kinds of apps make people look at themselves and others around them and whether it’s basically a shallow exercise of fuck-or-not.

Guy Number 1.

He’s young. Very young for me (only two years older than me) so far our tindership has consisted of a few cute text messages, to a large amount of messages from him explaining how into me he is, to a a snapchat of him with a pair of ripped boxers around his neck (really?! Who thinks that’s going to get you laid). I think I’m going to strike that one out.

Guy Number 2.

He’s not young. (bonus in my books) I had a party and half way through I decided that I should invite him over because I was drunk and horny. This weird booty call turned out to be worth the call for the night but I’m still pretty unsure. (For one, it turns out has been using online dating for years and he was once a complete dick to a friend of mine!)

At this point Tinder has scored me nothing more than an enjoyable sleepover and a maxed out data roaming bill but I think I’ll keep trying it. It’s refreshing to have conversations with people I might consider dating when I’m sober and truthfully I like the barrier the phone provides. But we’ll see where the adventures of Tinder take me.

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