Women’s rights around the world

This blog was originally posted on Emergen. It can be read here

Yesterday The Guardian released an interactive data diagram on the rights of women around the world, separated country by country and the results are shocking.The data provided by the UN and World Bank, provides information on laws relating to domestic violence, harassment, property, work, abortion and the country’s constitution and if each country has legislation implemented.

Data shows that in 2011, in 51% of the world, it was illegal for a woman to have an abortion if she had been raped.

I have lost count on how many articles I have about equality and the things automatically come to mind are generally work focused; the gender pay gap, parental leave, the issues and assumptions around women returning to work after having children. While I am regularly exposed to media around those topics, I am surprised at how sheltered my thoughts are.

This data shows the shocking difference between how women are treated around the world. For example, countries on which data relating to domestic violence was gathered, 24% had no legislation specifically addressing domestic violence.

There is no quick fix to these issues. But people should be talking about this. Something should be done.

The diagram gives you the ability to send a tweet about whether each country has laws in place. I think this is an opportunity for women everywhere to not only to have a wider understanding of issues, but to help to raise awareness. Hopefully, if more people across the world know about the plights women have around the world, something more can be done.