Mama Alto Countertenor Diva at Fringe World 2014

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Performances like this are what Fringe, to me, is about. Raw, beautiful, nervous talent that takes you by surprise.

Opening with a wonderful piano solo from the musical director Tiffany, ‘Mama Alto Countertenor Diva’, which is short, is an exploration of love, told from the view of many stars of Soul.

Mana Alto hits every note and, accompanied by the outstanding talent of Tiffany on piano, is a sweet tale of the heart.

The show is simple, as it should be, and made me think of a smoky underground jazz bar.

The arrangement of songs complements the show and the short conversation closing by Mama prior to the last number, made the show more personal and perfect than I thought it could be.

In addition, anyone who can take on Whitney and do it that well really deserves to be seen.

Mama Alto: Counter Tenor Diva is playing in the Barry Hall at Noodle Palace (The Old Piccadilly Cinema) for Fringe World at 6:45pm until Sunday February 23rd.