Good food and good service when it’s quiet? Where?

Last night my mum, sister and I went to Cafe Amaretto in Osborne Park for a quick dinner.

When I’m out on a Monday or Tuesday night I’m happy to be left alone, to an extent, to debrief on my day and work out whether I’d prefer to have garlic bread or three glasses of wine. Once I’ve said “screw it” to myself and decided to have pizza, garlic bread and wine I’m happy to relax, be engaged by the waitstaff and enjoy a meal.

We were left alone for 10 or so minutes on arrival and once we ordered our drinks we waited at least another 15 before being given our drinks. We then waiting to be able to order, and waited a considerable time for our food to arrive.

We ordered a second glass of wine and after another 15 minute wait we were told that they no longer had any Pinot in stock. Not an issue if the wait hadn’t been that long, but it was.

Between the three of us we had three alcoholic beverages, two cokes, two mains and two sides. The bill came to $95. Usually I’d say that was pretty standard, but with the (lack of) service we received, I’m not sure it’s justifiable.

Now don’t get my wrong, the food was pretty awesome. The pizza was beautiful, authentic and crispy and the salads were fresh but when I asked for cracked pepper I was handed the pepper grinder to do myself.

I wish people thought about service when they weren’t busy. Having worked in restaurants over the years, experience tells me the staff were just complacent but that service would be fantastic if the place had been full.

Their food was good enough for me to go back, but I’m finding this to be a trend around Perth. Finding good service on a week night when a place isn’t bustling (and without paying high high prices) is hard. Hopefully Cafe Amaretto will prove me wrong next time.

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