Bright Ideas for your Business

This piece was original published by Emergen. You can read it here

On March 26th I attended Bright Ideas for your Business presented by Bankwest, CCI, KMPG and Enterprise Connect. A networking and knowledge building event, the attendees ranged from Bankwest and CCI staff, to General Managers of recruitment companies, to interior designers.

John Lazarov, Senior Relationship Manager at Bankwest was the first of three expert speakers. John told us the story of someone he had worked with, the issues they had faced and how they had overcome them and the Benefits of an early, open relationship. “If you want your business to flourish, foster your relationship with your Banker, early and openly”. He focused on communication and honesty, and how building those relationships can provide you with an ally and a partner within your business.

Agnes Vacca, Partner at KPMG Private Enterprise followed, and engaged us quickly with what is Critical to Your Success, focusing on structure, cash-flow management and a strong business model that you can understand. Being clear and concise, she took us through simple steps to help us understand what was needed, the questions we should ask, and how we could learn about what our business needed and what our financial outcomes meant.

Andrew Canion, Business Advisor from Enterprise Connect closed the speaker session, talking about Grabbing Attention (in a crowded market). Be clear, know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it, and articulate well. The need for strong branding and a good, simple pitch were key points that everyone took away.

Moving into the question and answer session, John, Anges and Andrew responded well, to both the and each other. Andrew was asked the million dollar question of which avenue for marketing is the most useful, and gave the correct answer, “It depends”, ending the session with a smile in the room.

The event had the right mix of interaction and knowledge building and reflective opportunities. The session was rounded up perfectly, and on time, leaving me engaged and looking forward to the next step in the three part series.

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