Interview: The Jungle Giants

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jungle ginats biscuit

The last three years must have been a whirlwind – last year ended with a big tour and now you’ve headed over to the States for SXSW. Has the change and pace been hard to deal with? Not really, we’ve been really keen to start tour overseas. Getting the chance to do it finally has been really exciting. We love touring. It’s better than working at a convenience store that’s for sure.


Tell me about SXSW – I can imagine it’s incredible. How did it feel for all of you as a relatively new Aussie band to be part of arguably one of the most important international musical events?  It was insane. There are shows everywhere at the same time and the streets are filled with people. The shows were great for us. We had no idea what to expect, but getting to meet some US fans was really great. We also got to see some of our favourite bands live. It’s a really inspiring thing to be a part of. Hope we can do it again soon.


After heading to SXSW you’re back for a big tour with 14 stops if you include the Groovin The Moo tour and triple J’s One Night Stand. What made you want to keep touring after a big tour late last year? It’s all part of longevity. If you want to be current, you have to stay on the scene, playing the right shows and tours. And being independent, it’s our main source of income, so we have to tour to fund the next record!


Your tour covers a lot of the country and gives under 18s a really good opportunity to see you. It’s not something that a lot of bands seem to keep as a high priority these days. Why is it important to you? I guess it changes from band to band. Some have an under 18 following and some don’t. We’re lucky to have under 18s around the country that are keen to see us. It gives us a chance to play some pretty interesting shows, and we also used to go to shows when we were under 18 so we don’t see any problem with putting them on ourselves.


Sam, you do a lot of the song writing and you’ve said that the album is an exploration of how you feel about relationships and how to translate them. How was that process for you? All in all it was really therapeutic. A lot of writing for the last album was expanding our sound in different ways. It’s fun but also really important to me for that to happen.


What plans do you have after your upcoming tour? Hopefully we’ll start getting our second album going!


Are there any bands that you’ve heard or seen recently that will influence the way you guys write or have songs produced moving forward? We just saw St Vincent at SXSW and we were all blown away. We’ve all been listening to her a heap. Also I’ve been really into a guy called Caribou. He writes really clever beats and loops. I’ve been really into his production methods lately.
The Jungle Giants are touring Oz with special guests Millions and ShortStraw.
Friday March 28 – Metro Theatre, Sydney (All ages) | Saturday March 29 – Ric’s Big Backyard, Brisbane
Sunday March 30 – Alhambra Lounge, Brisbane (Under 18s show) |
Friday April 4 – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne | Saturday April 5 – The Corner Hotel, Melbourne
Friday May 9 – The Rosemount Hotel, Perth  

Visit for tickets. – See more at:


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