Friends – I’ll be there for you and it’s there for me

via Torrentku

Growing up this show bought me together with people, taught me unforgettable rules about love and friendship, and made me laugh and cry more times than I could have ever expected.

Friends started just over 20 years ago and ran for 10 years. 10 years and 10 days ago, the last episode was aired.

During the 10 years the show was aired,we explored growing up, falling in love, family, having your heart broken, children – and the struggle that can bring, work, loss, and everything in between.
The show made break ups, rainy days, hot days and the worst tired/hangover days ever bearable.

Buzzfeed put together 27 of the best quotes from the 10 years and they’ve included some of the funniest and heart wrenching moments.
Click the photo below (or here) to remember why it’s the best and still the most relevant sitcom every made.

via Torrentku
via Torrentku


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