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Source: Flickr
Source: Flickr

Every day heaps of really important things happen in the music world. In fact, there are so many that I’m not sure I can work out what is the most important.
In saying that, I’m going to try.
Here you’ll find the most* important things that have happened in music in the last couple of days or so.
I’ll keep it sweet, I’ll keep it informative, and I’ll keep it happening regularly.

*most important meaning the things that I think are the most interesting and relevant.

1. Southbound
This year at Southbound you’ll be able to drive your car into your camp site and camp next to it. 

This means the following awesome things:

  • You can have music and aircon all of the time.
  • You can charge your phones.
  • You don’t have to carry all of your crap that far, or anywhere.
  • Food and water can live in your car.
  • You can lie on your car and watch the stars.
  • Your stuff can be safe. As long as you don’t loose your keys.

This means the following bad things:

  • Getting out is going to be even more of a nightmare than before.

2. Flume remixed Chet Faker again.
And it was awesome! Listen it 90 seconds of it on iTunes here. Then buy it. It’s not available for stream anywhere as of yet.

3. Fall Festival announced it’s dates.
Lorne: 28 December – 31st December
Marion Bay: 29 December – 31st December
Byron: 30 December – 2nd January

As the dates are out, hopefully the line up with be out soon too. And once the line up for Falls is out, we can pretty much guarantee that the Southbound line up with follow shortly (it’ll be pretty much the same!)

4. Angus and Julia Stone
They were never going to work together again. It was a sad day.
Then an awesome producer came and said, “let’s do this”. So they did.
Now they have tour dates. Hurrah!

5. Soundwave
Soundwave will now be moving to a two day festival.
A few days ago AJ MAddah announced to his Twitterverse that Soundwave would be going to two days.

Maddah said “So half the bands play day 1. The other half play day 2. They criss-cross Saturday/Sunday in each city.” – think Reading/Leeds festival.

Tickets will stay at the $185+booking fee price which is fantastic.

Soundwave will play Adelaide and Melbourne and then Sydney and Brisbane.

Adelaide/Melbourne February 21 and 22.
Sydney/Brisbane February 28 and March 1.

6. Shazam and Ibiza 
Shazam has released the top 10 songs in Ibiza at the moment.
It’s pretty epic. Check it here.

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