In Music 0.2

Quite a bit has happened in the world that we call music over the weekend.
Check out the big hits below.

1. Pink Floyd.
It’s been 20 years but this October the world will be hit, smack bang in the kisser with a new album from Pink Floyd.
Polly Samson, wife of singer and guitarist David Gilmour broke the news via twitter.
The album, The Endless River, is based on Rick Wright’s 1994 sessions.

2. Faith No More
Faith No More last released a record in 1997 and over the weekend performed two new songs when opening for Black Sabbath at Hyde Park in London.
Earlier in the year the band tweeted “Hey! Stay tuned for more Tweets from Twats!!! The reunion thing was fun, but now it’s time to get a little creative.” They seem to have kept their promise.

While know one knows when and album may appear, the band being creative again is exciting. And a new album usually means a new tour. While they’ve been on their extended reunion tour for a while now, the opportunity to see them play new material on a new tour will be awesome.

3. Melbourne gets a new venue.
With the closure of the Palace, there was a feeling of unrest for medium sized tours spreading fast. Faster Louder’s Editor-in-chief Darren Levin reported last year that its closure could make it harder to bring bands here. Bands may want to tour but would struggle to fill Festival Hall or The Plenary which both hold around 5500 people each. The Palace has a capacity of 1850.

Thankfully Pavilion Live is coming! The venue, currently known as the The Melbourne Pavilion, resides in Kensington and will go through large renovations to develop the space from a sports and function centre to a live music venue and will increase the capacity from 1300 to 2250.

4. Lorde is not lucky with her food. 
Not long ago Lorde spoke to the The Doctor on triple J and mentioned she’s got food poisoning from some dodgy Thai beef salad.
Her tour scheduled for earlier this year got postponed due to further illness and on Saturday night, at the rescheduled Perth date, she briefly walked off stage with a stomach ache.

Tweeting her thanks to everyone for supporting her, everything seems to be OK and there isn’t anything suggesting that she doesn’t plan/may not be able to continue the tour that hits Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and Brisbane between now and July 20th.

5. Charts around the world. 
Sia, Vance Joy and Iggy Azalea are making waves in the UK and the US. Iggy’s track Fancy dropped at 20 in the UK charts and has been at the hop of the Billboard Hot 100 for six weeks. This rids Lil’ Kim of her title of the female rapper to hold #1 for the longest. Riptide by Vance Joy hit Billboard at number 93 and is sitting in the UK singles chart at 66. Sia’s track Chandelier was greeted by the UK chart with a number 6 and has moved from 32 – 20 on the Billboard chart, which is a big leap.

Justice Crew are staying strong, leading the ARIA singles chart for the ninth week with Que Sera. The last person to top the singles chart for this length of time was Olivia Newton John in 1978 with her Greece duet “You’re The One That I Want”. They join Goyte and Savage Garden as the fourth act to hold the record for the the most weeks spent at the top of the chart by an Australian act.

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