In Music 0.3

Music! News! Hurrah!

1. No one likes Robin Thicke.
In the best news to hit the internet the world has spoken and everyone hates Robin Thicke. Less can 50 copies of his latest album where sold in Australia thankfully proving that Australia really doesn’t care about him.

2. Radiohead are recording again.
This is brilliant. Jonny, the band’s guitarist told Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC6 “We’re going to start up in September, playing, rehearsing and recording and see how it’s sounding.” This news will put them on the rumour list for next years Glastonbury or Reading/Leeds and we can only hope that Big Day Out can get their shit together and get them to come here for that.

3. Triple J cut?
Queensland Liberal Senator James McGrath has called for Triple J to be sold immediately. “As someone who grew up in regional Queensland, I grew up with the ABC but the ABC has left people like me and my constituents behind,” he told Parliament. “I want to support the ABC. I like the ABC. Yet while it continues to represent only inner-city leftist views, and funded by our taxes, it is in danger of losing its social licence to operate.” Last year Faster Louder conducted a poll asking people if triple J should be privatised and 80% of people said no. This comes not long after the news that Double J and Triple J unearthed may be under threat.

4. Boy Dylan.
The amazing, the famous, the genius, the indescribable Dylan is touring Australia and NZ. He is stopping at a heap of places on the 17 stop tour. Thankfully for everyone who doesn’t live in Melbourne or Sydney he is stopping in Perth (three shows), Canberra, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Tickets are on sale on Monday 21st at 9am.

Saturday, August 9 – Claudelands Arena, Hamilton
Sunday, August 10 – Claudelands Arena, Hamilton
Wednesday, August 13 – Riverside Theatre, PCEC, Perth
Thursday, August 14 – Riverside Theatre, PCEC, Perth
Friday, August 15 – Riverside Theatre, PCEC, Perth
Monday, August 18 – Palais Theatre, Melbourne
Tuesday, August 19 – Palais Theatre, Melbourne
Wednesday, August 20 – Palais Theatre, Melbourne
Thursday, August 21 – Palais Theatre, Melbourne
Monday, August 25 – Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, Brisbane
Friday, August 29 – Royal Theatre, Canberra
Sunday, August 31 – Entertainment Centre, Adelaide
Wednesday, September 3 – State Theatre, Sydney
Thursday, September 4 – State Theatre, Sydney
Friday, September 5 – State Theatre, Sydney
Sunday, September 7 – Sydney Opera House
Wednesday, September 10 – CBS Canterbury Arena, Christchruch

5. Blink 182 are recording again.
Having seen Blink when they were last in the country for Soundwave (sans Barker) I am pretty excited to hear what Blink have got in store for a new album.

Announcing their plan to record with the best photo ever  it’s good to know there’s more of them to come.

Their last album Neighbourhoods, which was released in 2011 and ended their eight year hiatus had a slightly different sound to the albums prior. Since then they have been touring pretty regularly which will undoubtedly have an effect on the sound that is delivered on the next album.

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