In Music 0.4

1. Triple J’s broadcast of Splendour

Each year triply J brings us amazing coverage of Splendour because not everyone is lucky enough to get a ticket. Their coverage covers pretty much everything, from The Preatures, Childish Gambino, to Hilltop and Interpol.

Obviously missing are Outkast and Angus and Julia Stone, but I’d say they’ll be served up as Live at the Wireless. Check out the full listing here.

2. SXSW in Sydney and Melbourne
Melbourne and Sydney will both host meet-and-greet events in August to increase networks and create a point of familiarity for those attending the event next year.

Held on August 12th and 13th, Melbourne’s Corner Hotel will host on the 12th and the Newtown Social Club in Sydney will host on the 13th. The events will both be held in two two parts; networking drinks and then a Q&A. Tickets for the Melbourne event can be booked after August 4th and tickets aren’t required for the Sydney event. Head to SXSW for more details.

3. Sniffer dogs are bad for festivals
This is an ongoing argument that sniffer dogs are bad for festivals. It seems there’s now been a study to prove this. While I doubt this will deter police of attending festival with their dogs, this will change the media landscape if there is another accidental overdose as there was in 2009 with Gemma Thoms at Big Day Out.

4. Blink will definitely be recording. and they’ll do it soon.
Posting audio on Twitter, Mark Hoppus confirmed that he, along with his two band mates will be recording as soon as their summer (US) tour is finished.

5. People keep pulling out of Splendour. But they have replacements.
Two Door Cinema Club pulled out of Splendour due to illness earlier this month meaning that City and Colour were given the headline spot and Foals were added to the lineup.

Today it was released that also due to illness, London Grammar have had to cancel their performance, along with their sideshows. It has just (like minutes ago) been released that the Presets will be taking their spot on the bill. London Grammar’s bow out flows on from the cancellation of their T in The Park performance in the UK.

London Grammar’s side shows have been rescheduled, but they aren’t for a long while.
Sydney, Hordern Pavilion – Thursday 12 March 2015
Melbourne, Festival Hall – Saturday 14 March 2015

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