City to Surf for Activ: Geraldton

I’m a quarter of the way through my City to Surf journey.

Geraldton is a lovely venue for the race and while a little chilli on Sunday morning, the view and sunshine took away the harshness. The 400 or so people warmed up and got ready to go.

photo 2
Mum and I pre race.

The race itself was good. I really enjoy walking and I was making great time, weaving in and out of people (while continuing to be courteous of course!). I ran for little spurts, pushing myself a little more each time. It turns out that my weaving and walking on the outside of the path rather than the inside meant that I added an extra km to my time distance. Oh well.

The 10km point was when I hit a wall. My hips were aching and I was struggling to keep up the pace.I took a deep breath, turned the music up and powered on through. The lovely volunteers cheering me on where brilliant and really kept me going.

When I got to the 12km mark on my race app I realised that I still had a km to go but it didn’t matter. I’d only been walking for 94 minutes! That’s 13 minutes off my time in Perth last year!

12 kms

The final (and extra) km that I walked was hard. I tried to run but was really struggling. I kept pushing myself and when I saw the finish line I started to run. As I came round the corner my mum, who had run the 12km race, can running up to the side of the finish line to cheer me on. I finished the race with a big smile on face and a brilliant time of (for 13km) 1:42. I was so happy.

photo 4

The presentations were brilliant, some of the runners were so fast and I felt really proud to be involved, especially being part of such a large group of people who are all helping to raise money for Activ.

After a good stretch we jumped in the car, showered and headed back to Perth, making sure we stopped for a walk half way home.

So happy at the end of the race to receive my medal!
So happy at the end of the race to receive my medal!

Next weekend is Albany. I’m ready to tackle those hills!



I am fundraising along with a friend of mine. You can check out our fundraising page here.


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