All For Me: Syren St

It’s not often that I spend time on me; I mean really sit back and relax. So I decided that a little bit of pampering was deserved and I booked myself in for a spot of dinner and an appointment at a nail salon.

You know what’s nice? When you can get under cover parking in the rain. I know it might sound silly but it’s the little things that can make or break and evening, and not getting drowned on my way to my appointment was a real bonus.

I arrived at Fashion Nails for my 6pm appointment and was sat with my nail artist almost immediately. After a quick look at my broken, unmaincured nails I knew I was in the right place. “Full set please: French manicure.” I requested quickly, knowing that I’d feel special and fancy after I’d finished.

My natural nails, not overly elegant.

I sat and watched the news and listened to the idle chit chat of the customers and staff. The staff were lovely and I felt really comfortable and relaxed. The salon was busy but it was nice to hear the hustle and bustle going on around me. Everyone was obviously having a good time.

Should I have left them this long?

Laughing and making jokes about how long I’d keep my nails, within what felt like minutes I was finished and feeling great.

Feeling very special and a bit glamorous
Feeling very special and a bit glamorous











My nails looked perfect and I was off to have dinner. I headed over to Chutney Mary’s, window shopping as I walked through the malls.

Eating out is one of my special treats. Good food is hard to come across and a perfect evening for me is a nice dinner with good company.  Chutney Mary’s is decorated beautifully; the restaurant is full of space but is warm and inviting. We were able to choose our seats and ordered an entrée, two mains and breads to share and sat and enjoyed a glass of wine as we waited for our food. The food arrived at the perfect time, we didn’t feel rushed and everything was beautiful and fresh.

Our naan bread and curries! Yum!

Diving into our onion baji’s, they were light and crispy, perfectly combined with beautiful spices and light batter. Our plates became a mix of curries and breads with spatters of onion, and yogurt dressings. The potato dish was almost sweet and was mixed with seeds and thin slices of fresh ginger. Our vegetable curry bought the meal together with heat and richness. I was surprised at how little oil there seemed to be; it’s often a downfall of eating Indian. It was well balanced and the buttery naan was the perfect addition to the meal.

My family and I are notorious for ordering too much food but tonight the amount of food was perfect. The portion sizes meant the two of us could share but we weren’t overrun with food. As we ate we sat and looked at the rain beating down on Syren Street and it was kind of homely; definitely a nice feeling!

I feel really good after my “all for me” evening and I’ll definitely be going to back to Chutney Mary’s. Sometimes I forget how important it is to concentrate on me, and last night was the perfect way to relax. Lovely food and a bit of pampering, what more could a girl want?


This piece was published by Rockingham Shopping Centre. You can read it it here.



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