City to Surf for Activ: Albany and Busselton

Have you ever been to Albany? It’s like the opposite of flat. Like really.

I’ve been sick and this walk really pushed me. I woke up in the morning and almost changed my race from a 12km walk to a 4km walk. “Screw it!” I said to myself. I can do this.

photo 1

The first 4km were really hard. It felt like it took me forever, everyone was practically walking up a completely vertical hill.  The good thing about hills going up, usually they come down. And I did something I thought I’d never do. I ran, and I ran quickly. It felt amazing. It was hard, but it was great. I tried to run the ups but I didn’t have it in me (I’m not that fit yet) but I kept a really good pace.

photo 2

Walking through Albany was amazing. It’s so beautiful – I’d never been before and it was a great way to see the whole of Albany.

I ran the last km and it was an amazing feeling. Hard but I pushed myself!

photo 3

I did the race in 1:38, such a great achievement. I was so proud. I rewarded myself with a bit of a rubbish breakfast, but you know what? I deserved it!

photo 6


Busselton was a bit of a different story.


I found Busselton really hard. I’d set myself a really an incredible target and I should have known that I wasn’t going to achieve it.

I tried to run and my ankle was painful so I had to walk it. I came to a couple of points where I wasn’t sure I was going to keep going; I was in pain, I wasn’t enjoying it at all. I was in tears at the beginning of the last two 2km, I was so disappointed that I hadn’t worked hard enough, that it was so hard. I tried to run the last 2km but I couldn’t do it. My head wasn’t in the right space and I was really sore.

I did the race in 1:38 but I was still very disappointed,I really felt I should have done it in much quicker time as the entire race was flat.

Walking away from the race I was glad the “bad” race had been Busselton, rather than Perth.

We’ve got an extra week before the Perth race and I’ve got a 12km walk booked in for this Saturday. I’ll be hittinjg the gym and working hard to beat my 1:38 Albany time for Perth.

If you’d like to support me supporting Activ, you can do so here.

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