Burger Edge Nice and Simple – Rockingham

I’m putting it out there. I love food. A lot. If I could get away with eating a full meal every three to four hours I would. I love eating, I love cooking, I love the smells, the tastes. So food is a big part of my life.

Most nights I go home and cook dinner, make sure I have enough left over for lunch and I settle in at home with a glass of wine, enjoying the preparation almost as much as the actual meal itself.

With that in mind, sometimes I just don’t have it in me. You know those days when you realise that you don’t want to cook? You want to have someone else do the work, narrow down the choices and then do your dishes for you too? Well that’s where I was last night. I was hungry and tired but still wanting the atmosphere of food. I didn’t want anything too fancy, but just good quality, filling and nice. Enter Burger Edge.


Beef, pork, chicken, lamb or veggie. Sourdough rolls, gluten free options, chips, onion rings; I was in burger shaped, hassle free, easy dinner heaven.

The restaurant was bright and clean and the staff were welcoming. As we walked in they were smiling and friendly. After deliberating over what we would each have we took advantage of a meal deal, sitting down with a burger, sides and a drink each for $32 in total.

I went with the Pulse. Lentils, roasted capsicum, basil pesto, aioli and salad. My date had the BBQ Bacon. Beef, bacon, salad and sauce (one day my resolve to be vegetarian is going to crack and I’m blaming it all on bacon). Add on some onion rings and chips and we were good to go!


We sat down at a big bench table and chatted away while the buzz of people coming and going went on around us.

You know what’s nice when you just want a chilled and easy evening? Food that arrives nice and quickly. It wasn’t rushed it was pretty perfectly timed. My friends burger was juicy and rich. There’s always a risk with beef burgers that they’ll be fatty, but it wasn’t at all. My lentil patty was flavoursome and filling but light.

The chips and onion rings were both crisp, dry and salty. The harsh crunch was the perfect addition to the softness of our burger patties. I struggled to finish as it becomes a large meal with the sides (please note, I immediately regretted not finishing!) and I left feeling very comfortable and ready for a relaxed night in.


For an easy quick dinner, a bite before the movies or as food to take home, Burger Edge pretty much ticks the boxes. I will definitely be back.

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