Ways to stay engaged writing your blog

Staying engaged with your blog can be difficult. I struggle; life gets in the way, I run out of good content or inspiration, or I have too many ideas. To make sure I keep writing, I follow these steps.
I don’t always do them all, but they’re all very useful whether they’re used all together, or as a combination of a few.

  1. Write ideas down
    I get ideas for things all of the time but I’m pretty forgetful. If I don’t write down an important thought, there’s a large possibility I’ll forget about it and won’t remember until a completely unrelated time, like when I’m at a bar at 1am. It doesn’t matter where I write them down, as long as I do. I keep a notebook by my bed, I have notes in my phone and my desk is covered in post its.One idea can inspire another, so even if your original idea doesn’t work, don’t get rid of it. It might take you somewhere else.
  2.  Set up draft posts
    Sometimes I’m really creative and sometimes I have dry spells. When I’m creative mode, I think about everything I want to write about and then I set up draft posts in WordPress. All I write is the title and maybe a couple of notes. Then whenever I open wordpress I’m reminded of them and it pushes me to write. If I’ve got 10 draft posts, I start to feel guilty about the fact that I haven’t been writing enough.

    triple j post its

  3. Read other blogs
    Reading other peoples work is totally inspirational. Not only am I engaged in other peoples writing, but my head gets filled with ideas and a want to write. Other people’s work is really inspiring whether it’s well written or not.
    If I read something is fantastic, I either want to read more, write something similar or write about what I’ve written. If something I read is terrible, I either need to read something else, want to rewrite it or write something better. It’s a vicious circle of engagement. Embrace is.
  4. Reread blogs you’ve written
    Now I am awful at rereading my own work but it’s so good to do. No matter how happy I am with a piece, I reread it. It reminds me of where I was, why I was writing and 90% of the time makes me want to write again
  5. Set up an editorial calendar
    This really helps me plan what I’ve got coming up, what I want to write about and when I should be doing it.  Seeing it there reminds me of things and also sparks thought about other things I could write about. If I have 15 posts scheduled and I get an idea for something else, everything can be moved around. Just remember that nothing is set in stone, you are your own editor so take ownership of your writing.

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