Mash Brewery, worth a revisit: Syren St

Dinner with friends is really important and having a comfortable, easy, nice place to do that makes my life so easy.

This week my housemate and I popped out for dinner on Wednesday for a catch up and a bite to eat. As we haven’t been there for more than a drink we decided to try Mash. The setting is nice, there’s ample room to sit and the dinner crowd is always a nice mix of friends and families. We arrived and there were a couple of tables to choose from but it was still busy, it was was a good vibe.

I’ve got some dietary stuff going on at the moment and it was awesome to be able to go somewhere and not have to worry about there not being anything I could eat. We sat down in a booth and chatted over a drink, with music playing in that everyone now and again made one of us stop the conversation to say “Uh! I love this song!

I ordered the Sizzling chilli prawns with a mash and veggies (I’m gluten, diary and fun free at the moment) and my housemate ordered the fish and chips. The food came out at the perfect time and we tucked in quickly. The smell of everything was divine; chilli, salt and the almost sweetness of fresh vegetables.

Garlic prawns

Portions are often hard to get right, especially in a pub food setting, but everything spot on. My prawns were in a small ramekin but as I was eating, I found more and more. Combining my prawns with a side of mash and veggies was a good match. My housemate’s fish was covered in a light beer batter and we both sneakily dipped her chips into the sauce that accompanied my prawns.

Fish and Chips

Food going to other tables went past us and we were both filled with food envy, not because ours wasn’t fantastic, but because everything looked so good. Pizzas, share plates and steak sandwiches filled the room with a gorgeous smell and we both said we’ll have to come back to further explore the menu.

We both finished our meals off without hesitation and sat back, continuing conversation, both feeling full and satisfied but not like we’d over eaten. We finished our drinks and continued to talk about our days before heading home. On the drive back all I could think about was the pizzas I’d seen and how I was definitely coming back to try them. Thursday’s are open mic night so I think I’ll down for that one week. Music, pizza, a pint and a couple of friends? That’s definitely something to look forward to.

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