Oxygen Hair Specialists

Finding a good salon where I feel comfortable and relaxed during my appointment is hard, but finding one that does that, and is sustainably focused is downright impossible. Enter Oxygen Hair Specialists.

The small ladies only salon in West Perth is perfect. It’s gorgeously designed, the staff are lovely and I felt so special and looked after.

Now I do have to say that Oxygen is one of my clients. I do their marketing and some social media stuff for them but I really wanted to try them as a customer because I wanted to believe in them as a brand. I’m pretty glad that I did.


So it had been a long time since I’d had a hair cut but off I went, friend in hand to get pretty and fabulous (and enjoy a glass of champagne while I did it!)

My friend Katie and I sat down and we both gave ourselves to our hairdressers. I forget how much knowledge and skill goes in to being a good hairdresser. Listening to Tia, the owner, and one of the team, Bree, discuss Katie’s hair, what would look good and how they’d make her look freaking great, I was kind of in awe.


After everyone was happy they started working and Katie and I sat back and relaxed.

I’m pretty shocking when I get in the hairdressers chair and Bree kept having to readjust my head, but, as I kept saying to her, it’s just because I’m so comfortable.


The colour went on and it was time to sit and really enjoy the experience. I haven’t had my hair cut in a salon for way over a year (I’ve been going to a friends house to get it done) and I was so happy to be back in a salon. There’s something special about having someone else do your hair; wash it, colour it and style it. I don’t know why it is, but it is really relaxing.


Bree got stuck into the cut and I just felt like a million dollars. She hadn’t even got close to finishing and I just felt freaking amazing.

IMG_8845 IMG_8848

Katie and I walked out of the salon feeling fantastic. Not only was it a freaking awesome way to spend a Saturday morning but we looked incredible. I could think of the last time I’d spent that much time on me (I can barely even find time to have a relaxing bath – let alone put aside time for anything else) and I was so glad to have done it.

Oxygen really nailed the mark on service and I felt super good because their products are all eco friendly and sustainable. It’s a really good combination.

Oxygen can be found in West Perth at G44 The WestCentre, 1260 Hay Street, 6005. Check out their website www.oxygenhair.com.au (I totally helped them write it!) or give them a call on 08 9481 0048.

Please note, this is not a sponsored post. Everything I wrote was true and I wasn’t paid.

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