TV shows and films that changed my life

No matter what anyone says, TV and films are important. They have a massive impact on your learning, who you are, how you interact, the people you interact with and how you connect to society.

There are a couple of films and TV shows that have, in all fairness, made me who I am today. They taught me that being a woman was positive and powerful, that being sad would get easier and friendships and family are the most important things in the world. The list isn’t large, but my god, each thing has really had an impact.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel

When I was a kid, there was nothing else like this. Buffy started in the UK when I was eight, in 1997 and she was amazing. She was unsure of herself, but had this confidence; she was freaking badass; she wore the best skirts and she had a great relationship with her mum, her friends and with Giles. Oh, and have you met Angel?!

I have never identified with anyone like I identified with Buffy, Willow, Faith and Xander. Buffy taught me that being different was OK and that it made you stronger and that no matter what, the people around you would be there for you.

When Angel left Sunnydale at the end of series three, I thought my life was over. How could he leave her? What was he doing? They could survive anything, how could he not see that?! And then Angel got to LA and Joss Whedon gave us his own show. I was unsure but excited. And then I was just excited. Cordelia and Angel’s relationship, Weaslea coming onto the scene and the relationship that Doyle had with both Angel and Cordeila was heartbreakingly beautiful.

These shows, and all of Joss’ shows actually, gave me such confidence in my ability to be strong. I was taught to love and to value my friends and know that they will be there for me through anything. And I’m lucky, because it’s true.


Bang Bang You’re Dead

A friend of mine and I stumbled upon this after two many bacardi breezers at the age of about 13 at 3am on Sky TV.
This was the point where I was beginning to feel the effects of what was soon to be a depression diagnosis, and the sadness and rawness of this movie was so, comforting and familiar that I couldn’t help but love it. I’ve watched this film more than a dozen times and I can recite almost all the words to the play that features in the film. When I was in high school, I spent weeks trying to convince my drama teacher to let us perform this, but unfortunately my love for the play was not felt by the rest of my class. I’d still really love to perform it.

Ben Foster is an absolute star in the film and I felt so connected to his pain that at some points is was overwhelming. What really got me is that in the end, he started to feel better. That was an unknowing saviour for me.



I have never laughed as much as I have with this show. It bought me together with friends and family and to this day, still has me in hysterics.
I can’t remember anyone I haven’t watched this with and it brings me so much joy. It taught me that your friends can be your family and I love that.

I have spent hours with people trying to work out which character we could remove (we can never decide) and which character we are most like (I am a mix of Chandler and Monica) and who we would like date, live with or just hang out with.

Friends taught me about being an adult, and love, and friends, and heartbreak, and that sarcasm will help in any situation, and that low fat mayo really isn’t really mayo and that in the end it really will work out. It’s timeless and there isn’t another show that I could really watch with anyone in the world. And 20 years since it started, it is still incredibly relevant.


Spice World

OK – now don’t laugh at me OK? This film was instrumental in who I have become, because the Spice Girls where a part of who I have become.
I don’t think I need to explain this with more than two words. Girl Power!

Now there are so many other TV shows and films that made such a difference to my life, but in all fairness, these are probably the standout ones for me. Others are listed below.


Other films and TV shows to note that also definitely had an impact

Little Shop of Horrors
10 Things I hate About You
Mean Girls
Lion King
The Lost Boys
The Little Mermaid


What did I miss out? Let me know!

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