I Choo Choo’s Choose You.

I never go to the City. I don’t like it. It’s far away. And it’s too busy and then it’s too quiet. Sometimes, you can get me to Murray St. But that’s a push. Get me to cross St George’s Terrace? You are dreaming! And it’s not because it’s not full of great venues, it’s because…. I don’t know why. So on Tuesday I did it. I went drinking in the city. I crossed St George’s Terrace and I went to Choo Choo’s.

We worked our way round the back of the Trustee and down the stairs. That whole precinct felt pretty relaxed, although it would have been nice if it was a little busier. We walked into Choo Choo’s and were greeted by the sight of a group of ladies with fabulously awful hats on; brilliant. The crew we were there to see were sitting at the bar and there was low-level beats playing in the background.

choo choos

The ethos at Choo Choo’s seems to be about making the customers happy and giving them what they want. That’s pretty awesome, if you ask me. There’s no cocktail list, you just ask for what you want or give them the flavours that you like. Now that can be hard work for a bartender, so it’s cool that they’re making it about what the customer wants, rather than taking that original point in the decision making process away from them by giving them a menu. People around us were drinking daiquiri’s and cans of beer. I ordered a dark and stormy (which was freaking delicious) and sat and soaked up the evening. At some point, one of the food/booze tours came in and enjoyed what looked to be red wine sangria. They kept to themselves but by this point the venue was busy and stuff  (our party, anyway) was about to get crazy.

Choo Choo’s is laid out so that it has two separate areas with seating throughout. You walk in and the silver bar is in front of you at the bottom of the steps. You’re met by a team of talented, fun loving, smiling bartenders who make it their mission to create a drink that suits the way you feel at that point. On the other side of the venue is a long booth, separated into smaller sections for seating. The place is a bit of a juxtaposition for me; everything is silver and feels almost space age, but when you’re sitting at the bar, it feels like home. It hits the mark, just like a few other venues in around the Perth/Northbridge area. They are all about how you feel, which shows in both the environment/decor and the menu that they present.

It’s a wicked venue, and it’s got a bit of everything. You can order popcorn and nachos if you’re peckish, they’re booze collection is massive, the music was banging, the staff will definitely make you smile and you can tell it’s managed well. Hit them up on Facebook or Twitter. And truthfully, it’s worth heading to the city for.

Score: 7/10

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