Ezra Pound

Ezra Pound is an interesting member of history. A beautiful and creative poet, but a very jaded man. Known for his stance and allegiance during the second world war as much as for his writing, he can definitely be described as an interesting and complex figure. Ezra Pound the venue completely embodies the characteristics of interesting, creative and poetically complex.

Ezra is about a natural, respectful relationship. As a customer you are expected to leave your shirt at the door, respect the staff and the other patrons and have fun.  These three principles are what Talmage Andersen, the owner of Ezra, preaches in everything he does.

One of the pieces of art that decorate the walls

The venue looks simple but it’s complex. You can feel the meticulous decision making and creativity that went into crafting the space into what it is. You are constantly surrounded by wood; the floors, the bar, the chairs, both inside and out. This is combined with colourful graffiti and art work flowing down the laneway which creates a juxtaposition that I love.

Grafitti brightening the Ezra Pound laneway

When I first started drinking at Ezra, it was my favourite venue and I’d never been in a place like it. They had great cider, the music was awesome, and there was a constant, positive and inclusive vibe. Life changed and sadly it stopped being my go-to spot. Recently I’d popped in a couple of times and I’ve remembered why I loved it. I’ve had relaxed meetings, dates, break ups, girl’s nights and drinks by myself at the venue and it’s perfect every time.

Their focus on good booze is outstanding and they’re clever with their delivery. For example, their large beers come wrapped in brown paper bags to keep in line with the prohibition feel that the venue is founded on.

Ezra’s owner, Talmage Andersen

A week or so ago I was there with friends and I remembered how comfortable the place made me. We ordered ciders and beer and as I sat down, I physically relaxed. Drinking what I realised was the best Old Fashioned I’d ever had, I came to the odd, and comforting, realisation that I didn’t want anything else. No change in company, venue, sound, nothing. That’s rare for a venue to be able to invoke.

A 8.5 out of 10 score for a venue is a big call by anyone’s standards, but this venue deserves it. It’s crisp and it knows exactly what it is and what it wants to be. It’s an underrated gem and in my mind, pretty much the perfect small bar.

Score: 8.5/10
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