I’m a baseline junkee


Everyone likes a bit of down and dirty, right? Getting hot and sweaty, bodies everywhere and hearts pumping.  Sound like something you’re up for? I’ll meet you at Ambar then, yeah?

Ambar embodies everything that is positive about music and clubbing. It’s open ‘till the wee hours of the morning, it has a great, diverse program of nights, there’s this crazy awesome community of people who go each week and it pretty much opens its arms to all.

Hidden away on the edge of the city, it’s my perfect place, to begin or end a night. After you head downstairs into da club you’re met with this expanse of people and dance floor. You can sit and chill out, hang at the bar or totally lose yourself on the dance floor. There’s no judgement at Ambar, that’s what it’s about. Ambar is what you want it to be.

There are three nights that in my opinion will never fail to please; Japan 4, Fresh Produce and Yum Cha. And as what I would call as a bit of a regular at Ambar, I’ve worked out what they’re good at (everything) and but three nights really hit it home.

Japan 4 is my favourite ongoing Ambar night. Each Saturday rincers, party girls, hipsters and everyone in between flock down to Pier St car park to get involved in the infamous night that is Japan 4. Guests are treated to a whirlwind of bass and beats from local heroes such as Micah, Philly Blunt and DNGRFLD and if we’re lucky, sometimes they’ll throw in special guests just to add something a little bit extra to the night. Japan 4 is bass. Big, dirty, stinking bass. It hits you like a brick and it’s freaking awesome.

Fresh Produce is all about Perth’s new and upcoming DJs. It’s a great way to experience some new beats and support the local scene. It brings the beats and once a month the freshest guys spin from beginning to end, giving everyone a sweet taste of what they’ve got.

Yum Cha is one of Ambar’s newest endeavours and it’s the best opportunity to truly experience being off chopsticks. China takes over and there’s a sea of yum cha filled trap villains covering the floor. January’s treat is an allstar, ladies line up that I’m pretty sure will kick ass.

Ambar is part of the Boomtick family which includes Villa, Flyrite and Parker. Each venue has its own niche and really nails it each time. For me, going out and partying is all about the bass. To quote a famous poet; “I’m a bassline junkie”. All I want is to walk into a club and be hit with a wall of bass and freaking awesome beats. Ambar delivers. Nuff said.

You can find out more about Ambar and the other Boomtick venues at www.boomtick.com.au

This post was published by Out in Perth. Check out their website here

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