Review: Frisky and Manish – Just Too Much


Frisky and Manish are a well-loved member of the Fringe World program, having visited before and are a partnership that I am sure will grace our shores again.

‘Just Too Much’ is an exploration of their relationship, the lack of ability to cope and the over sensationalized world that is POP.

Splitting the show into four sections they tried to find the song to define feminism, sang passive aggressive tributes to each other through what I can only describe as a riff-off, explored different pop meltdowns and went down an odd path of dream ballet.

A letter from Sinead O’Connor commenting on their relationship was a brilliant addition that really centred that part of the show.

The power and diversity of Frisky’s voice will never cease to amaze me. She nailed every note and paraded around the stage knowing that she owned it.

Mannish delivered his part perfectly, whether that was belting out melodies or swinging from a wrecking ball.

The show of only an hour is a great way to introduce yourself to Fringe or remind yourself why you love the festival so much. I laughed throughout show and spent the rest of the evening singing its praises.

‘Frisky and Mannish: Just Too Much’ is on at the Circus Theatre at 9.30 until February 1st. Get your tickets at 

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