Jonathon Duffy: Without Me, I’m Nothing

What I like about Fringe is that you never know what you’re going to get. Cabaret, especially, is a funny genre, as so many different things can be incorporated into one show.

Last night I sat in the Velvet Lounge at the Flying Scotsman, ready to watch ‘Without Me, I’m Nothing’. I knew nothing of the show, or the performer and I was totally ready for a raw, new, funny, Fringe experience. And that is exactly what I got.


Jonathon Duffy strutted on to stage to introduce himself and launched into a song. He talked to us (not at us, but to us) about his life, his relationships and his amazing journey filming ‘The Doctors Wife’.

We learnt about gay Christmas, when to avoid the gym and he started to really talk to us about things that had happened to him. I had gone from laughing to sitting very still with tears streaming down my face. His honesty and openness was beautifully touching.

Obviously not wanting to end the show on such a raw note, he disappears off stage, only to reappear with a fabulous new costume, a song and some more laughter inducing conversation.

This is an awesome show and I thoroughly encourage everyone to attend. It covers a subject or two that may be triggering for some people, but it presented so beautifully and honestly that it brings the show together.

Mr Duffy’s ability to move from serious to funny is brilliant and the show flows perfectly. This intimate performance, which is the first of a trilogy, is a must see of this years festival.


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