That’s My Dog Hotdogs

It’s official. I give up. I am the worst vegetarian in the world. I should really stop kidding myself. I had bacon for breakfast. And all I can currently think about it chilli cheese fries. With meat.
So I think I need to come to the realisation that I sometimes eat meat. Is there a word for that? A vegetarian that sometimes eats meat? No? Just carnivore? Crap.

I know what tipped me over the edge. It was a hotdog. A hot dog from That’s My Dog Hot Dogs! There I was, minding my own business at the Urban Orchard, having a drink with friends and bam. Over the edge I went. So simple, I know, it’s just a hot dog. But this was no ordinary hot dog. This was amazing. There was sausage and chilli and cheese and pickles and all of the good things. (All for $6 may I add?!)

That's my dog Hot dogs

Now I love food, but I love food in the way that sometimes I want ten courses from the Loose Box (RIP) but sometimes I just want a cheese sandwich.

I am very much of the mindset that sometimes food can be awesome but still be super accessible. Cheap, easy food doesn’t have to be sub par.  That’s My Dog Hot Dogs! have totally nailed it. Easy, cheap and nice.

The chilli was awesome. Like, so good. Then there was pickled cabbage and all the little special things they added just made it, well special. And then, then there’s the chilli sauces. Now these are not for the faint hearted, I tell ya. They have three sauces; hot, HOT and holy hell HOT. Apply however sparingly as needed, but these sauces have to be used. It gives what is already amazing an extra kick of “Fuck yeah!” and hats off to the chef for working out which sauces will go well with their family recipe chilli.


My friends and I sat in the rain at Fringe, had a drink and ate our dogs. It was awesome and simple and nothing more was needed.  It was pretty perfect in my mind.

So because of this hot dog, this awesome, chilli, meat filled bun of joy, I’m giving in. I am official the worst vegetarian in the world and I’m not afraid to admit it. Long live the hot dog!

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