Passenger – Red Hill Auditorium


Live music is so important to me. I have been going to gigs since I was about four and there is something magical about someone with a guitar, on a stage, singing their heart out. Last night Passenger took to the stage at the beautiful Red Hill Auditorium.

The night was perfect, warm but not hot and as we sat down for his set, I was excited to see him play again. I really like watching him play, he has a great way of connecting with the crowd; you feel like he’s talking directly to you, no matter where you are in the venue.

He started singing and I was almost entranced. His voice is breathtaking, I could sit and listen to him for hours. Working his way through his collection of songs, he told us the stories of how he wrote them, the people that inspired him and how he’s got to this point in career. One of the things I love about seeing him play is his story telling. He has a way of really engaging you, you almost feel like you were there with him.

He belted out all of his best songs and the crowd (me included) sang along enthusiastically. I’d forgotten how powerful his voice can be. As he sang his way through Let Her Go, 27 and Riding to New York, everyone around me was smiling and I was blown away by the sound of his voice combined with the sound of the crowd singing. He’s such a powerful performer, I don’t know many people who can stand on a stage with just their guitar and make such an impact.

After his set ended, he returned to the stage for a three song encore, one of which was a mashup of some awesome songs, include Brown Eyed Girl and he was joined on stage by his support act, The Once. As he played Holes for his last song, the wind picked up slightly, rolling across the crowd. It was a beautiful ended to a great gig.

I heard people discussing the performance as they walked back to their cars and I didn’t hear one comment that wasn’t super positive, people were in awe. This is the second time I’ve seen him play and the gig was amazing. He and Red Hill are a match made in heaven and he nailed the performance. I couldn’t fault anything, the sound was on point and his voice, paired with the awesome lighting that really set the mood for each song, with a backdrop of the lights of Perth City, it was literally perfect.

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