The Liquid Mafia celebrate Engine Room Espresso’s first birthday

Each day Engine Room Espresso opens its doors and delivers on a couple of necessary staples for life; great coffee, bagels and winning customer service and it nails that. Yesterday was a day to celebrate because Engine Room Espresso turned one. Yep, that’s one year of yummy coffee, amazing bagels and wonderful smiles from that staff who run the tiny little cafe on Fitzgerald in North Perth.

Their coffee philosophy is pretty simple; make good coffee, don’t fuck with it and keep life simple. You can grab crumpets or bagels or chia puddings or just a plain coffee and you’re never disappointed.

Yesterday everything changed. Gone were the bagels and the flat whites. In came The Liquid Mafia to throw a cafe birthday party fit for a king.

Turning the little coffee shop into a bar for the evening, Chris Watts; Mr Liquid Mafia, had decked the place out and put together a super simple, but delicious, drinks menu for the evening. Supported by Gage Road Brewery, we were welcomed with $5 beers and $10 cocktails. Sitting and sipping on drinks, talking and laughing with friends, there wasn’t one person who wasn’t enjoying themselves.


If you combine sunshine and drinking it seems you have to feed people. Thankfully there were $5 chilli dogs to keep everyone happy and full. Home made chilli, good sausages, fresh buns and perfect toppings made these an absolute winner.

Engine Room Espresso is a great venue. Running down the back of the coffee shop is a narrow laneway that begs for people to fill it. With a highly limited capacity, the venue filled up quickly and within 20 minutes of the event starting, the place was almost full.

What I love about these kind of events is that people just talk to each other. Because you’re in such an intimate space, you’re almost forced to make conversation, it’s great! There was a big mix of people there from hospo to firefighters and people were just chatting away, making friends and enjoying the afternoon.

Throwing a boozy event at a cafe is a great idea and Liquid Mafia nailed it. It gives the punter a new experience and it gives Liquid a real opportunity to really make it the night into something different. Liquid Mafia specialise in events and venue takeovers and there’s a real focus on quality booze and top but relaxed service. With them you always know they’ll deliver.

The first of many events to come, Liquid set the standard for throwing a great party that pulls a good crowd. Watch this space for what’s coming next, I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be awesome.

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