Fremantle Arts Festival

Fremantle is known as the Bohemian area of Perth and that is felt in this year’s Fremantle Arts Festival program. Featuring a host of local, national and international performers, Fremantle today becomes a hub of performance, art and interaction.

Attendees at the launch party on Thursday were entertained by El Son Entero, straight from Cuba, who filled the dance floor in seconds and showed us that this year we are should be ready to be impressed, engaged and drawn in by the performers. Families, artists and art lovers filled the Fremantle Arts Centre which buzzed with conversation and anticipation for the performance.

From circus to acoustic guitars there is something at this year’s festival for everyone. Things to put on your must-see list are El Son Entero who will make you want to dance before they’ve finished playing their first note and The Rats, a French telling of the Pied Piper.

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Fremantle Arts Festival runs from April 4th – 6th. For more information head here.

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