So Shall Alice: Full Service at Mechanic’s Institute

Cocktail bars are a staple of a my life. They give me with laughter; smiles; shelter from the sun, wind and rain; a home away from home and some goddamn awesome drinks. Perth has a great array of choices and one that sits very close to my heart is a little rooftop bar in the heart of Northbridge; Mechanics.


I have spent the last two Sunday’s atop the decking with wine in hand, surrounded by friends, perfectly happy. Sunday’s are a place where hangovers are fixed and good friends are made. Their Bloody Mary’s are legendary and come garnished with a mini burger. I mean really, what more could you want when you’re feeling a little ropey on a Sunday lunch time?

To accompany their Sunday remedies are a vast array of different cocktails, written and delivered by some of Perth’s finest. I have enjoyed many afternoons and evenings sipping my way through the list of drinks located in the middle of the backbar, plus the stupidly large array of classics that their team has perfected.

On top of the library of cocktails that the team has stored between them, their selection of wines, spirits, beers and ciders are pretty top notch. Numerous ciders and beers, both bottled and tap and I have yet to drink a wine that doesn’t bring a smile to my face.
Burgers and chips from Flipside (located below on James St) are a great compliment to the laid back vibe that fills the venue. A mix of great and (brilliantly) awful tunes are paired with the loud sound of conversation that greet you at any place in the venue.
The boys that work so hard to make Mechanic’s work are all freaking gems. As with Dominion League (their sibling bar which also includes a wonderful sharing of staff) the people that run this joint as a family. They work hard, and together as a team, which is a beautiful thing and makes the venue the great place that it is.

This piece was published by Out in Perth

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