Perth Food Truck Rumble

food truck

The Food Truck Rumble is a good idea and was obviously a success. Sadly, from a customer perspective it was too successful. I love the concept but it was too busy. To make queuing for 45 minutes and then having a 45 minute wait for food worth it (and not being told this beforehand) the food needs to be exceptional.

The ribs from Smoking BBQ Bus were OK, but sadly not worth the wait. Ignoring the wait, the $15 price tag was OK, considering the portion size. Oysters from Lot 20 and Jerry Fraser were on point as always and the crepes (cottage cheese, nuts and honey – wow!) from What The Flip were great.

The 50 people queuing both Hot Donuts and Grilled to the Mac at 6.30 speaks volumes about the quality of what was on offer, one would hope, but I just can’t justify waiting that long for food if I’m not sitting at a table, enjoying a meal with wine and friends. Even in that setting, it would be a stretch.

what tyhe flip

Knowing how many people to cater for at event like this is impossible but that meant that trucks were running out of food at 3pm. Everyone seemed to recover stock wise but it definitely put a bit of dampener on things.

The atmosphere was fantastic though. Being surrounded by so many people talking and enjoying different foods is great and the smells coming from all of the different trucks was awesome. I didn’t know what I wanted to have, I wanted something from every truck but I didn’t want to wait the hours it would have taken to try more than one thing.

The family and community aspect was well done really well. Breakdancing competitions and literally something for everyone from kids to foodies made the event super accessible and well rounded.

Perth’s focus on food is brilliant; events like this are bringing people together and making them aware of the high calibre of eats that are available in Perth, and by the sheer volume of people there today, people are obviously crying out for things like this.

I’m looking forward to seeing the event again next year but I’ll be there at 11am with a crew of 30 people to buy two things from every stall the second they open and hopefully avoid the queues.

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