An Evening With Noel Fielding

noelNoel Fielding is funny. There’s no debating that. Whether you prefer him on Buzzcocks or as Old Greg, he knows how to make people laugh and he doesn’t care how ridiculous he has to be to do it.

Moving from a love of the Mighty Boosh to seeing Noel in ‘An Evening With…’ seemed like a natural progression for me but I didn’t think I could be more engaged and entertained than I was when watching the Boosh. Well wasn’t I wrong?!

Sitting midway up in the Perth Convention Centre, surrounded by 3000 people, I was giddy. Actually giddy. Realising he had also bought the Moon with him made me happier and when he came on stage I had to stop myself from giving him a standing ovation before the show had even started.

The show was split into different sections; stand up; music focused; crowd interaction; love triangles and fantasy land. If you’re not a fan (and why not, I ask) there were points where you may have been lost but I was taken on a journey through time and space…

The addition of Noel’s brother Michael and his comedic partner Tom Meeton (crimpty crimp, fuck you) were fantastic additions to the performance. From songs, to incestuous jokes, to hilarious animation the show was wonderfully put together and managed.

The chemistry between the three of them was so personal, they were enjoying themselves as much as we were and it made perfect sense when they couldn’t all stay on track due to unexpected improvisation. I felt very lucky to be a part of their banter.

Noel’s stand-up was totally on point. He made funny jokes, talked to us about tea bags and dreams and I felt like I was there with him; he referenced his age and how his life was changing and it all felt very real and honest.

He just knows how to make people laugh. I mean, who would have known that milk could be sexy, that wearing a cup on your chin could be comedic or that tea bag dreams could be so entertaining? Apparently Noel did, and I thank him for that.

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