Luxe 4 Life

Luxe is an institution. For 13 and a half years it has given me and countless other people years of fun, amazing drinks and a place to call home.

This week, Luxe shut its doors. It ended with a huge party on Sunday and an industry event on Monday. They were both fantastic celebrations of what Luxe has been, the people who frequent it and what it stands for.

Luxe was about community. From training some of Perth’s finest staff, to giving people a great venue, amazing service and done damn fine music, the team over the years have done outstanding things.

Luxe was the first venue I walked into when I moved to Australia. The staff made me feel immediately at home. My friends and I have celebrated birthday’s, coming homes, leaving do’s and random Sunday’s. It was always the place to be and it always guaranteed a good night.

It has been home to some of the most fantastic Melbourne Cup parties and has supported the community. Film Festivals and Pride events, the team always wanted to help. Love Sunday’s, a long standing event is one of the only continuous events that openly and proudly caters to both the straight and LGBTI community.

I have been spending nights at Luxe for over seven years. I have met some of my best friends there, from staff to regulars, part of my family was found at Luxe. As a customer, Luxe and its staff taught me about the types of cocktails I like to drink and gave me a healthy appreciation of rum.

Old staff members came back to Perth for the farewell weekend and the utter joy that filled the room was humbling. On the same note, there was an underlying sadness. Luxe has been a home to so many people over the years and knowing we have to let go of that, that we won’t have that any more is sad.

The project ‘If These Walls Could Talk’ that the current management team will be running now the venue has closed, will be a stunning memory of what Luxe was, what it meant to people and that memories that were created.

Luxe 4 Life

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For more pictures and amazing memories of Luxe, head to their Facebook page here.

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