World Whiskey Day

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Whiskey is a drink that evokes memories, that takes you back to moments in time. It works with food, mixed, with ice, with conversation, or alone.
World Whiskey Day is almost upon us and while there are no official events being held, we are lucky when it comes to whiskey in Perth.

Here are my top picks for a bit of a tipple tomorrow.

Varnish on King


This one is a no brainer. The guys at Varnish have bought over 200 whiskeys for you to try, so pull up a chair, make sure you’re getting a cab home and setting in for a few hours.
In addition to whiskey, they have a great wine list, fantastic cocktails and their food is great too!



This is also an obvious pick. These guys have about 115 whiskeys, ready for the tastin’. What’s special about Helvetica is that it’s a little hard to find, but once you’re there, you can have your own whiskey.
You can purchase any bottle from them and have it stored for you on site. Only you can access it and it’ll always be there, ready and waiting for you.

Dominion League


Heading downstairs into Dominion is like entering another world. The back bar is impressive and the staff are really knowledgeable.
It’s very easy to get lost in their selection and the impressive décor.
Dominion also has a very impressive selection of beers to compliment the whiskey, food and cocktails. 



Their whiskey selection is super eclectic and is pretty evenly spread between southern and scotch varieties.
This little bar on the edge of Northbridge has a beautiful, open and bright bar and there’ll definitely be something to suit!

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