Courtney Barnett

Courtney Barnett is the voice of a generation. After starting her career in 2006, she has taken the world by storm after wowing crowds and industry folk alike at SXSW.

Supported by Teeth and Tongue, a group of funky rockers from Melbourne, Courtney sold out two shows at the Bakery this weekend.

Sunday, the second of the two shows, showed the band in their element. Courtney herself is so unassuming; she almost looks fragile at some points. This is then blown out of the water when she starts throwing herself and her guitar round the stage and singing her captivating lyrics to a room packed with fans.

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Her small movements when she playing her guitar and singing up again the mic are coupled by initiate and careful lyrics. Combining that with the forcefulness she puts out when she lets herself go is a beautiful juxtaposition, behaviour which is a mirror image of the diversity of her song writing.

Their set was everything you could want and a little more. The crowd sung along and their set ended with an encore staring ‘Pickles from the Jar’ and The Divinyls ‘I’ll make you happy’.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a band play so well together. Unspoken conversation was thrown across the stage, they were all so in sync and you could see they love what they’re doing.

After hearing the new record and seeing them live, it’s clear. They are Australia’s newest and coolest homegrown rockstars. This is it. They’ve made it.

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