Tristram Fini on Negroni Week

Negroni’s are known for being one of the best and most loved cocktails around the world. With an interesting history and a knack to making them well, it’s not surprising that they have become a favourite with bartenders.

Negroni Week is an international initiative, taking one of the best drinks in the world and using it for good. For every negroni that is sold at one of the 3500+ venues worldwide, $1 is donated to a venue nominated charity. It literally makes drinking good for the community.

This Negroni Week, I spoke to Tristram Fini, Campari’s WA Ambassador for Negroni week and Boss at ACE Pizza, arguably, home of Perth’s best negroni.

Why do you think the negroni is held in such high regard, especially compared to many other classic cocktails?

The negroni is loved because it’s an anytime cocktail. It’s great before, during and after a meal, or just whenever you feel like a drink.

 Why do you think they’ve held their standing for so long?

I think the negroni is one of those drinks that truly is timeless – no matter what style of drinks are on trend at the time, people will always order negronis.

What’s your favourite gin to use when making a negroni?

One favourite gin – fuck – if I’m allowed, I’ll offer two?
For a London style I can’t ever go past Sipsmith – it has always been a part of my favourite negroni of all time (Sipsmith – Campari – Antica) and for a newer style I’d have to go with Four Pillars Gin.

What makes the Negroni at ACE so special?

ACE does it a bit differently. We offer five at any point in time. This allows for a lot of use of different gins, vermouths and Campari or bittering agents and allow us to offering different styles of negroni depending on the drinker


Is there one specific trick to making a Negroni well?

The best trick for doing a negroni is to mix it in the glass – not in a beaker – then top it with ice.

How would you introduce a Negroni to someone who’s never had one before?

I would introduce it to someone the same way I would any drink; let them know what to expect. I’ll always encourage people to try one if they haven’t before.

What makes Negroni week so important?

Negroni week is a great opportunity for the industry to give back for essentially doing what we already do. There aren’t many occasions where selling someone a drink can help out people.

Where would you go to drink a Negroni?

Odd Fellow (Fremantle), Dominion League, Mechanics or Darlings in Northbridge, Clarences in Mount Lawley has always done a ripper and if in the City, hit up The Flour Factory (aka Hough enterprises) or Helvetica

What makes you love them as much as you do?

It’s easy to love something that’s perfect.


A host of WA venues are participating in Negroni Week.

Check out the details below

negroni week venues

*Correction: Please note Dominion League is also participating in Negroni Week with proceeds being donated to Leaning Youth Forward – LYF

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