Listen Out Top Tips.

Listen Out is a hotbed of outstanding music, great drinks, beautiful people and wonderful fashion.

Since the killer line up dropped on Tuesday and tickets went on sale yesterday, I figured it was time to share my top tips on how to make sure your Listen Out celebration goes off without a hitch.


Get your tickets early.

This is a festival that sells and sells quickly. First release sold out in hours. So make sure you’ve got your friends together and you get your tickets.

Plan your transport.

Is one your friends really behind the times and hasn’t got uber yet? Well guess what?! Now they can get you all to Listen Out for free because uber is lovely and is giving new account holders free rides. Because even uber loves Listen Out.

Pre-party together.

Want to make sure you’re all on the same level? Pick a house, give people different things to bring (which will spread the cost out) and get ready and get on the party vibe together.

Make someone do a play list and bring ice.
Get a couple of people to organise some food.
Make sure everyone bring their own booze.

That way it’s a party that everyone’s throwing and everyone’ll be having a great time.


Don’t get too wasted beforehand.

Pre-party, yes. Waster girl, no. Do not be one of those people asleep on a bench around the corner from the festival at 2pm and don’t be one of the idiots who bought a ticket and is too drunk to get in.

Main rule: don’t be twat.
It’ll ruin your day and everyone else’s day too.

Don’t wear something that you’re going regret.

Culturally offensive clothing is not OK. At any point. Festival fashion is awesome, but don’t wear something that’s going to:

1. Hit someone in the face as you walk past.
2. Block the view of the stage
3. Make you way to cold
4. React badly to the rain
5. Make other people think you’re an obnoxious idiot.

Anything that sits outside of these categories is perfect. Be creative, be exciting, this is your chance to be daring and really let loose, BUT it’s not a forum to be an offensive idiot.

Also, remember that it might rain and Indian dresses from a fancy dress shop will not last.

rain cover

Make sure you all know where to meet at the end.

There will be no signal, it’ll be dark, possibly wet and you’ll be drunk. Make a meeting point. An obvious location with lighting that isn’t the exit.

Respect the performers and the other people at the gig.

Everyone is there for a good time. If you don’t like an act, watch someone else. If you don’t like a drink, drink something else. If you don’t like a person, stand somewhere else. Do not, under any circumstance, throw shoes, bottles, cans or anything else hard at the crowd or the performers. The performers are there to do a job. They don’t come to your work and throw shit at you, so don’t do it to them.

Do not, under any circumstance, throw shoes, bottles, cans or anything else hard at the crowd or the performers. The performers are there to do a job. They don’t come to your work and throw shit at you, so don’t do it to them.

Understand that you and your friends won’t all necessarily want to see the same acts. Compromise.

It’s a festival with a lot of acts. If you and your friends want to see different people, that’s OK. Don’t make a big deal out of it. Either split up for a bit or do the whole halfie/halfie. Also, remember that if you head over and see someone you don’t know, you might be surprised and find your new OMG-this-is-the-best-thing-ever band.

Partying on.

If you’re going to party on afterwards, make sure you’ve got a venue and booze. No one wants to be in the position of realising all they have is half a bottle of schnapps left over from pres to last them. That’s not fun.

If you’re heading out to da clubs, remember that you’ve been at a festival all day so you’ll be on a whole other level. Be nice to the bouncers, your uber drive and the patrons wherever you go.


Listen Out is about fun. It’s about music. It’s about losing it on the dance floor.

Get up, get loose and let go!


Listen Out 2015 line up and dates


Melbourne: 26 September
Perth: 27 September
Sydney: 3 October
Brisbane: 4 October

Grab your tickets HERE 

Photos courtesy of Boomtick and Adam Malapraya

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