James Connolly on Angels’ Cut X BACARDI

James Connolly has been involved in the Perth hospitality scene for eight years and has been running the Trustee for two of its three and a half years of operation. Angels’ Cut by Trustee, focuses on rum not only because it’s a beautiful spirit, but because Australia has a long history with rum, even having its own rum rebellion in 1808. As a spirit, it has history and pedigree and provides so much versatility.

From July 13th, Angels’ Cut is hosting Angels’ Cut X BACARDI, a two weeks, four event, rum spectacular that has something for everyone, from aficionado to rum rookie. James Connolly explains the thinking behind the event and what is in store over the two weeks.


What’s behind the concept of X Barcardi and why do you guys want to be involved?

It’s a really great way for us to showcase our talents while working with a world recognised brand with over 150 years of heritage.

Why Barcardi and not another rum?

While it’s definitely not the biggest selling rum in Australia, they have a remarkable history backed up with some very good rum. Also a high showing in the classic cocktail landscape.

What was the planning process like for these events?

Pretty hectic, July is a super busy month all over.


What will make your events different to what Black Purl did in Melbourne?

When the only other venue to have this done is one of the top ten bars in the world expectations will be pretty high. For one we have a different cocktail list written by myself, also The Black Pearl is in the super hip Brunswick whereas we are in the heart of the CBD so one would imagine vastly different demographics.

You’ve got four events, what makes each event special?

Well, one big two-week event with a few events happening during this period. They are all different and engaging in their own way.

Which event are you most looking forward to?

Would have to be the hospo party on the Monday night!

What are you trying to achieve with these events?

We are a rum bar, the more people drinking good rum the better.
People will get an experience from these events, and hopefully a new source of knowledge and perspective on rum, and hopefully an increased love of rum too.

Event details

Angels’ Cut X BACARDI Cocktail Collaboration
July 13th – 24th

Cocktails past and present, tastings, rum flights and daily specials

World Daiquiri Day Party
Saturday July 18th 6pm

Latin beats, Cuban Cocktails, killer food and a pumping dance floor
Free event!

Day After the Daiquiri (industry event) 
Monday 20th July 3pm

Daiquiri’s, cocktail classes, guest bartenders Bacardi Fuego, and beats

Bacardi Bites
Tuesday July 21st 7pm
Food and rum, with Bacardi and Bites featuring Sean Forsyth, Bacardi Brand Ambassador
$49pp for cocktails, rums and canapes.

angels cutAngels’ Cut by Trustee
133 St Georges Terrace
Perth, WA 6000

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